Tuesday, January 8, 2013

becak. a romantic ride

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Have you considering becak as the most romantic vehicle?
I did.
Imagine, you were on it, while the bapak pedal along the way, the winds touch your face softly and the sunlight burn your skin. The cars, the motorcycles speeds around you, but you, instead of join the rush, the bapak keep calm,  stay in the constant power, ride safely. You have all your time to wonder, to revalue all the thing you see. The people chats on the side of the road, the kids running and play, the couple holding hands. Happy, sad, confused, frustration, angry, shy faces who were scattered in the corner of the street. the colors of the building, Ain’t that sweet? Isn’t romantic? 

All those things that you wouldn't notice if you were trapped in the crowded and heat of public bus, rush in your ride or even asleep in the comfort of your private car.
And that’s why i always love the becak. For sure i wont suggest it when you have to catch a flight, hurry for a emergency call although in some case the bapak can speed in terms of mengejar setoran, or for a fun action between them but that’s not an overall behave. More over, becak is an enviromental friendly vehicle, no need gasoline which means no pollution.
Ride the becak has always been joyful to me, there's a short movie played on the way ahead. i just have to sit, put my rayban on, take notice and enjoy the roll. Ain’t that cool, isn’t it romantic. 

januari 4,2013

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