Tuesday, February 8, 2011

mr. bartender

I don’t know what had came in to my brain, it just suddenly I had this idea. A want to be a bartender. I don’t know but it sounds so cool. I can play with the liquor everyday. Mix and shake some colour and voila I get a glass of punch. See how cool is that.
I start to browse and read about many kind of cocktail, moctail, punch. Downloading recipes. And also try to dream about open a bar. I don’t know where to start. But for sure I decide to learn to mix and shake from today on.

about me

Bila banyak orang yang begitu mendambakan tubuh yang lansing bagai model, maka saya justru sebaliknya. Not that I hate my super skinny body. I don’t. But somehow- as an ordinary human, I need it more. Sedikit tambahan daging disana sini. A couple of pound would be perfect.
But it seem like I have to save a lot of pray for this. I don’t know either for a genetic reason or unexplainable one. Coz no matter how much I ate, I can’t get the fat. Hahaha…………………

about new resolution

As many people do, I usually made a list of new resolution during the last day of December. New year new resolution. And as many people did. i'm  actually doing something useless. Because instead of renew the list i just kept making a new list. To be honest, how many of us had really pursue the goals and live for the it. – I would be the first to rise hand. Xixixixi……. We just wrote it because we want that to happens without really do something to make it happens. Yeah maybe we do, or we try. just a little. And its not enough. Never enough.  Pathetic..

about new year

30 desember 2010

2010 is about to end. As December hit the last days. Many people had prepare for their own taste of countdown. Barbeque party. Fireworks. Luxurious night at an expensive hotel. Bir. Wine. Rave party. Outbound tour. Solitude moments at a mountain peaks. Midnight Mass. U named it. Its all about choices. Its all a matter of taste.   
Back then, when I was young this surely one of the great moment to be. Somehow I just need the party. Crowd, music, bir and everything that comes with it. I never really thought what is it all about. All I know it’s a moment of celebration. A new year to come. As the countdown turn the second into a new day. Nothing more.
And then, years later I knew that I might gone so wrong. Silly me.
No. there’s nothing wrong with the party and what so ever that others did. I only come to a conclusion. A big ones. Celebrating the new year is absolutely legal. But maybe we should look back on the days behind. As I wrote before, New year is just another day like any other say. What makes it special is just because its mark a new dawn. The first dawn of another 365 days to come.
As we leave the hundreds of days behind we should at least had done something, achieve something or earn something. A  moment to take a note for what we had done, how far we had gone, what we had achieve. A moment to evaluate about the goal we’ve set days ago. In other words, Introspection. And  more important is  to reset, reevaluate, and rethink our goals, plans, minds and system in order to repair our mistake, or at least minimize a fault to reach a better output. A better life,  as a better person. And this is where actually the celebration should take place. Celebrate an achievement. A success. Otherwise it’s just a moment of nothing.
Sadly, that’s was something I just realize recently. But somehow I should be grateful. At least I learn my lesson.     
So for the New Year eve to come, I’ll just stay in my rooms, watching the fireworks from my windows. Do the countdown with a glass of scotch- just a glass. And get away with a dream of hopeful tomorrow.
Happy New Year Everybody. 

*perenungan sesaat sebelum 2011 tiba*