Saturday, December 11, 2010

Me VS Mr. Saeed

“why haven’t you get married?” pertanyaan ini sudah ribuan kali saya terima. Bukan sekali dua. Bukan terhitung jari. Baik itu oleh orang dekat maupun oleh mereka yang tidak saya kenal. Selalu itu. Setiap kali Tanya itu.
Terkadang saat pertanyaan itu diucapkan saya marah dan terpojokkan –karena merasa dihakimi. Kadang pula merasa geli dan senang –karena merasa diperhatikan. Apakah saya anomaly?
Dan sore tadi salah seorang tamu saya menanyakan hal itu lagi. Again. Tapi anehnya kali ini saya merasa sangat santai.
“Are you married?” *tingtong*
“No.” *menunggu pertanyaan selanjutnya*
“how old are u?” *pertanyaan keramat*
“I’m 32. Quite old ha” *mengulas senyum*
“32. U should get married. Why haven’t u get married?” *here it goes. Again*
“I know that most of woman on my age has already settle with at least three child. I don’t know. Maybe simply because I just don’t want to. I love being single and happy” *mencoba diplomatis*
“you should get married. Get a husband. A husband. Not just some guy” *hehehe.. . akhirnya*
“ yeah. That’s what I mean. I need a man. A husband. Not just some guy. Dating mate. Hangout mate. Sex mate. Lets say I’m waiting for the right one” *I knew he got the point*
“good for you. A good guy has to show their strong will. That they are capable for such a great responsible. I knew that my wife choose me for that. *preet.. kenapa jadi curhat*
“well.. lucky u then” *hehehe..*
“if only u could met my son. I should take him here sometimes later. I don’t mind to arrange a date for you and him. Really.” * -^- *
“how old is he. And why he hasn’t married yet?” *hm…………*
“32..He’s single and good looking, maybe because his job. He flew all around the world. If you know what I mean. He used to date many girls but I don’t find them good enough. I don’t know…. **
“maybe he just like me. We enjoy being single. It gives us the full control to life. Free as we wanna be. Beside commitment sometimes comes with a huge responsibility and which its hard for some people. Like me and him.” *try to be wise*
“yeah.. that exactly what he used to say.” *melanjutkan cerita tentang anaknya yang hm..….*

*jadi maksudnya? Sibapak mau jodohin saya ma anaknya. Hehehe….. kalau anaknya mau, saya nga nolak ko’ pak. Hahaha………….*

Well… sometimes your worse situation can be a good way to start a chats. And you just never know, you might end up in a very strange but nice ending. And like I told you before these question can trigger two possibility. And u just never know.

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