Friday, December 23, 2011

am i being so selfish for that.........

some people may had  double standard about selfishness, goodness, goodwill, or many other simple things that  sometimes can be so complicated.

me.. i'm refer the situation.

days ago, a very best friend gave birth to a baby girl.

i didn't came quickly to meet her because i was away.

and then the next week, i call her to ask how's she's doing? and i want to came to visit her today.

but you know what............

she didn't pick up the phone, didn't answer the message i send her.
but with all the goodwill i still try to make a call.all morning.

and finally i got a text,  it's her.
"i just had a baby, cannot see you"
still trying to talk to her, i re-call her.
and she's pick up the phone,
M : "hi there.. new mom's..." excitedly, i greet her.
but i heard her husband spoke from the other side.
H: "she's sleeping, exhausted,please not bother her" and he hang up the phone.

am i being selfish for angry to her.
i never meant to disturb her. i just wanna to know if she's okay.
and can came visit.

ok.. i fully understand that you've gone through a very dramatic situation, that's you feel a little of everything, and it's okay if you need sometimes to get alone
but can't you just show a little respect, over the goodwill.

maybe i didn't call at the right time, maybe i'm a little too late.
maybe i'm a little over sensitive.
but i'm still can not understand, the way she answer me..
she kinda like an alien. a stranger.

so am i selfish or what......

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