Sunday, April 13, 2008

bugis vs toraja

Kemarin, saya tidak sengaja menemukan sebuah channel yang menampilkan tentang acara pernikahan ala Bugis. After following the ceremony, the host says its a really great rites but also exhausting. and suddenly its remains me to a friend comment about the buginesse. She said that she's so jealous with the buginesse costums when its come to a weds. Its a really fascinating rite. she add. "and why cant we have such things?"
FYI she is a torajans, where they were known better with the burial rite.
till today, i still havent got the answer to her question. atau mungkin inilah arti Lain Lubuk Lain Padang Lain Ikan Lain Belalang.

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